Airports are becoming living labs for adopting next generation development formats and concepts in and around their terminals, as well as on their commercial properties. Smart Airport is now passing from 2.0 era to 3.0 era. The global smart airport market is expected to reach close to $13 billion by 2019 and $14.87 billion by 2021 & US$25.9 billion by 2025.

After the grand successful execution of three consecutive Airport Modernization Summit, continuing our efforts to support the smart airport ecosystem now we are hosting 4th Annual Airport Modernization Summit. Airport Modernization Summit is a new international platform that will bring together the most significant innovations & technologies that are shaping the design, features and day-to-day operations of the modern airports.

The summit will explore how to create successful collaborations between public and private sectors; the ways to fully leverage the modernization opportunities that will help boost Infrastructure, transportation, increase investment opportunities and to develop smart sustainable airport.


Visit us at the Airport modernisation summit, between 16-17th September 2021, TraiCon Events Centre, Bangalore, India.