Mineral Insulated Copper Cables

Mineral insulated copper cable (MICC) was developed in 1896 and to this day considered the only true fire survival cable. MICC is made by placing magnesium oxide around copper rods (copper conductors) inside a circular copper tube. The copper tube, known as the copper sheath provides protection from fire in excess of 1000C.

MICC is typically used for power, control and communication circuits in areas where extended evacuation is critical or hazardous environments that pose a risk to exposure to flammable gases or liquids such as oil and gas. MICC is water and oil resistant, can carry greater current ratings, require no conduit for mechanical or vermin protection, UV and radiation resistant and can last in excess of 50 years.


We offer low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) outer covering as standard to aid cable identification of circuits or extreme environmental conditions.  A number of colours are available as standard however we can match to any RAL upon request.

The continuous operating temperatures of cables are often a key factor in selection decisions so it’s reassuring to know our bare mineral insulated copper cable can work continuously up to 250C. This is far more than any other polymeric fire resistant cable and will also continue to protect critical circuits for over 3 hours up to the melting point of copper at 1083C.

MICC does not aid flame spread, does not produce toxic gases or dense smoke. No plastics are used to aid fire protection, totally Inorganic and Silicone free. It consists of single or multiple copper conductors (cores), highly compressed magnesium oxide (insulation) and an outer copper sheath, that’s just 2 elements making mineral insulated cables the greenest cable choice on the planet.

MICC has a unique copper sheath for its protection meaning it has its own fire proof conduit. MICC can survive temperatures in excess of 1000C for hours whilst undergoing direct impact and exposure to water pressure in excess of any current British Standard.

Current Installations

  • Heysham Nuclear Power Plant
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Jahra Hospital
  • Delhi Metro
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Windsor Castle
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • London Heathrow Airport
  • Manchester Airport
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Black Point power station
  • Abu Hamour Mall
  • HQ Building for Transport Unit at Sailiyah Camp
  • Iron Bridge Power Stations
  • British Museum London
  • Millennium Dome (O2 Arena)
  • Khiran Marina
  • Bobyan Port
  • Chandra Asri Petrochemical
  • NTPC Unchahar Stage II
  • NTPC Rihand
  • NTPC Talcher
  • Saudi Arabia Beneficiation Plant
  • National Trust
  • Tabouk & Al Wadjh Thermal Power Plant
  • AL Bayt Stadium
  • Electricity Distribution Network - Kahramaa
  • BARWA City projects
  • New Doha International Airport
  • Ezdan Palace hotel
  • Zulal spa & family resort
  • Salwa Resort Buildings
  • Logen Plaza

Features & Benefits

Air tight

Impervious to water, oil and gas.

Small Overall Diameter

Our cables have a smaller diameter than soft skinned fire resistant cables of equivalent ratings.


Mineral insulated cable is permanent and does not weaken or degrade with age offering longer and safer life spans.


Mineral insulated cable is fully annealed and consequently extremely ductile and easily manipulated to follow existing wiring routes and irregular shapes.

Inherent Flameproof Barrier

With a non-flammable copper sheath the highly compacted insulation will resist the transmission of vapours, gases and flames between items of equipment connected by the cable.

Earth Continuity

Our cables do not require a separate earth continuity conductor as the outer copper sheath serves this purpose providing excellent low resistance earth continuity.

High Operational Temperatures

Continuous operating temperature up to 250°C and for shorter periods up to 1083°C, the melting point of copper.

High Mechanical Strength

Withstands considerable stresses such as bending, twisting and flattening, even in a fire situation.

Fire Resistant

Will neither burn nor support combustion.