The ONLY true Fire Survival Cable System

Exceeds 3 hours at 950˚c

Over 180 million metres manufactured in the UK - ZERO failures

30 Year Warranty

Manufactured in the UK and tested to
BS EN 60702-1

In the event of a fire MICC does not release toxins and will not burn

MICC has ZERO polymers

Critical systems will continue to run
throughout a fire as MICC will not

WMC manufacture extra-long cable lengths

Limited only by the size of the cable reel!

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Why Wrexham Mineral Cables?

Why Wrexham Mineral Cables (WMC)?

Mineral Insulated Copper Cable (MICC) has been in use commercially since 1937, the fact that it is still widely used today is evidence that it has not been bettered by any other cable system. Soft skinned polymeric cables are a compromise in safety, fire performance and longevity when comparisons are made to MICC cables.

Any cable system that relies on polymers for conductor insulation will burn and will be very likely to fail in a real fire situation, MICC cable does not rely on polymers for insulation.


Our MICC is totally Inorganic and Silicone free in construction. The main construction consists of solid copper conductors (cores), highly compressed powdered magnesium oxide insulation (MgO) and a solid copper sheath.

This unique construction gives melting points of 1083°C and 2800°C for the copper and insulation respectively. This provides fire survival whilst continuing to safely carry a load in temperatures in excess of 1000°C