MICC Cable is the perfect choice for use in buildings which carry risk or need to reduce the risk of infectious diseases. Unlike any other type of fire performance cable, MICC cables contain only two elements. Magnesium oxide insulation with a copper conductor and sheath. The copper sheath means no plastics or polymers are required to aid fire performance. Only copper is visible and exposed to the elements in these environments meaning the use of MICC in facilities such as vaccine manufacturers, test laboratories and hospitals should be considered.

Copper destroys the replication and propagation abilities of SARS-CoV, influenza, and other respiratory viruses, having high potential disinfection in hospitals, communities, and households. Copper can eliminate pathogenic organisms such as coronavirus bacterial strains, influenza virus, HIV, and fungi after a short period of exposure

However MICC does far more than just fight infectious disease. The use of Mineral Insulated Copper Cables (MICC) is the natural choice when protecting those in care such as hospitals, care homes, warden controlled facilities and supported living accommodation. In most situations these facilities will include patients or residents who require extended evacuation times in the event of a fire. In some cases such as Intensive care wards it may not be possible to move a patient meaning equipment must continue to function beyond any reasonable time frame.

The fact MICC withstands considerable abuse such as bending, flattening and twisting without electrical failure and able to power all emergency circuits before, during and after a fire for over 3 hours is a key decision maker. In actual historical WMC testing we placed our cables under continuous test at 950°C for over NINE hours and only stopping due to the end of a working day.

MICC does not require plastics or polymers to aid fire protection meaning there is no public risk of exposure for extended periods to smoke & fumes which in many cases are toxic, harmful and greatly reduce visibility during an evacuation.


The image to the left is a polymeric ‘fire resistant’ cable after just 10 minutes when exposed to temperatures of 850°C. (This is the testing temperature of BS EN 50200 pH120 Enhanced) which requires 2 hours fire resistance. In independent testing several leading brands of polymeric cables failed at 950°C (The test temperature of BS 6387).

The use of MICC cables is also cost effective over its life as MICC cables do not degrade with age unlike polymeric cables. It’s well known within the industry that many MICC installations are still functional after 50 years of service.


Mineral Insulated Cable easily withstands temperatures exceeding 850°C for hours right up to the melting point of copper (1083°C) and its composition means there is NOTHING to burn!

The added complication is that many of these facilities cannot afford to be under maintenance. Most buildings are now managed under maintenance contracts and cost for these inspections are extremely expensive. MICC copper sheath means it has its very own built in conduit, does not require any additional mechanical protection. MICC cables can be surfaced mounted without conduit and reduce inspection times saving further annual costs.

It is the unique properties of mineral insulated which make it the only cable option for our medical sector and in the broader context, all buildings where fire safety is paramount.


1] Sound the alarm But if the cable is burnt and not connected how can you?

2] Dial 999, Inform reception/security Impossible if the communication cables are burnt.

3] Attack the fire with extinguishers But how can you if the lights are not working and you can’t find them?

4] Follow exit signs You can’t because plastic sheathing around the emergency systems cabling is emitting toxic smoke and you cannot see or breathe.

5] Contain the fire by closing windows & doors A bit difficult if you have NO lights and you cant see because of smoke.

6] Use the exit stairwells? Fine, but you can’t find them because emergency lights have failed and smoke extraction fans have stopped due to cables burnt.

WMC Quality
The quality and reliability of Wrexham Mineral Cables is recognised worldwide and throughout the electrical industry. Our cables are manufactured to meet British and European standards, achieving endorsements & certifications from many regulatory bodies including BRE - LPCB, the world renowned approvals body for fire performance products. Our LPCB product approval register has been maintained for over 25 years, one of the longest in Europe for any fire performance cable manufacturer. Our Quality system is also approved to ISO9001 through LPCB and our entire facility is run in accordance of ISO9001 Quality system standards.

WMC Approvals
BS5839-1:2017 Enhanced to Clause 26.2 BS EN 50200:2015
BS 8434-2:2003 + A2:2009 BS 8591 & BS 8491 CAT C BS6387:2013 C,W & Z BS 60331
The termination glands are ATEX EExd & IECEx approved to EN 60079 for use in potentially explosive atmospheres under the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

WMC Warranty

For over 30 years we have manufactured in the UK, more than 180 million meters of MICC with ZERO failures in the field.  With this impeccable record you can have complete confidence in our 30 year warranty cable system.

WMC project portfolio covers many different medical buildings, including hospitals, forensic labs and healthcare centres. The WMC fire survival cable system will allow critical systems such as emergency lighting and sprinklers to continue to run in the event of a fire. Evacuation time will also be extended as the cables will not burn and aid spread of flame.


For further information on how WMC can help with your electric and data cables, please contact us