The Royal London Hospital

London, England

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London, England

About the project

MICC Cable is the perfect choice for use in buildings which carry risk or need to reduce the risk of infectious diseases. Unlike any other type of fire performance cable, MICC cables contain only two elements. Magnesium oxide insulation with a copper conductor and sheath. The copper sheath means no plastics or polymers are required to aid fire performance. Only copper is visible and exposed to the elements in these environments meaning the use of MICC in facilities such as vaccine manufacturers, test laboratories and hospitals should be considered.

The Royal London Hospital has 845 beds, 110 wards and 26 operating theatres and the hospital's roof-top helipad is the London's Air Ambulance operating base, so it is vitally important to make sure evacuation time is a long as possible, and for the risk of fire spread to be as little as possible.

MICC is also the natural choice when protecting those in hospitals due to patients or residents who require extended evacuation times in the event of a fire. In some cases, such as Intensive care wards, it may not be possible to move a patient meaning equipment must continue to function beyond any reasonable time frame.