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WRPS Seal kits
WRPSL Seals are required to terminate the cable. WRPSL kits include a pot, stub cap, compound and sleeving.
Cable Glands
WRGM Ex Glands - All WMC cable glands are ATEX & IECEx approved under our SIRA licence and available in a range of sizes.
WRPSL Earth Tail Seal Kit
Earth Tail Kit WRPSL can be used as an alternative to WRPS Seals where an earth tail may be required. WRPSL kits include a pot, stub cap, compound and sleeving.
Single Clips & Two Way Saddles (LSZH Coated)
Coloured MICC copper fixing clips to Latest Regs.
WRHGMM Zero Halogen Gland Shrouds
Our WRHGMM shrouds are manufactured from a Low Smoke Zero Halogen material and are used during installation to cover the cable glands.
WRHG PVC Gland Shrouds
Our WRHG PVC shrouds are used during installation to cover the cable glands giving a neat professional finish.
The Joistripper is used for stripping the cable sheath on the popular range of cable sizes.
Rotary Stripper
The rotary stripper can be used on all cable sizes throughout the range.
Ringing Tool
The Ringing Tool is used to score a light groove round the cable sheath to neatly stop the stripping action.
Pot Wrench
The WMC Pot Wrench is used in conjunction with the appropriate WRGM Glands to ensure quick and accurate screwing of the brass pot.
MICC Copper Fixing Strap for multiple cables
For use when making your own special size cables groupings & conforms to latest wiring regs. Available in bare copper or LSZH to colour match cable choice.
MICC Bending Lever
To assist in the symmetry of multiple bends on MICC cables to assist lay and dressing during installation.
WRLWS Serrated Washers
For use with the gland during installation into enclosures such as junction boxes.
WZDD Plate Type Crimper
Uses a 3 point crimping plate to lock the stub cap into the pot during the termination process.
WZDC Hand Crimper
The WMC Hand Crimper is a robust long life tool that applies a three point crimping action to the brass pot seal during the termination process.
WRLM Brass Locknuts
For use with the WRGM glands to secure the gland to the power supply or junction box.
MICC Jointing kit
The MICC jointing kit offers a space saving alternative. Maximum continuous operating temperature 105°c.
WRQK Lugs and Connectors
Used for connecting cables to electrical appliances, other cables, surfaces, or mechanisms.