In buildings such as Schools, Colleges or Universities the risk of highly populated evacuations that will require additional time means the choice of cables to power these circuits is crucial. These cables must continue to carry power to vital equipment for hours to continue to warn of the fire, suppress the flames, extract the toxic fumes and provide visual access for a route to exit in what is likely to be a dense filled classroom or corridor.

The risk of damage and tamper proofing of these cables is also considered as the environment poses risk of such activities. It’s also vitally important the cost is kept to a minimum as local councils work on restricted budgets.

In many cases during a fire, visibility can be reduced by at least 50%. Experiencing a power cut, even in a familiar room can lead to panic let alone to find your way down many flights of stairs in complete darkness. Imagine having to do this as a child or toddler.

In a recent study, WMC found that over the lifetime of a MICC cable, a potential saving of 67% compared to a soft skin cable with conduit can be made. Mineral Insulated Cable will not degrade with age and reduce maintenance costs.

WMC Quality
The quality and reliability of Wrexham Mineral Cables is recognised worldwide and throughout the electrical industry. Our cables are manufactured to meet British and European standards, achieving endorsements & certifications from many regulatory bodies including BRE - LPCB, the world renowned approvals body for fire performance products. Our LPCB product approval register has been maintained for over 25 years, one of the longest in Europe for any fire performance cable manufacturer. Our Quality system is also approved to ISO9001 through LPCB and our entire facility is run in accordance of ISO9001 Quality system standards.

WMC Approvals
BS5839-1:2017 Enhanced to Clause 26.2 BS EN 50200:2015
BS 8434-2:2003 + A2:2009 BS 8591 & BS 8491 CAT C BS6387:2013 C,W & Z BS 60331
The termination glands are ATEX EExd & IECEx approved to EN 60079 for use in potentially explosive atmospheres under the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

WMC Warranty
For over 30 years we have manufactured in the UK, more than 180 million meters of MICC with ZERO failures in the field.  With this impeccable record you can have complete confidence in our 30 year warranty cable system.


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