How MICC Works

How MICC Works

Mineral Insulated Copper Cable is the ultimate fire survival cable and exceeds over three hours testing in temperatures above 950°C.

MICC utilise two key elements: Copper & Magnesium oxide

Neither release toxins, neither will burn.

Mineral Insulated Copper Cable

Wrexham Mineral Cables are the only UK manufacturer of fire resistant mineral insulated cables. Trading for nearly thirty years we have seen many changes in cable constructions. Many people are not aware of the difference between various styles of fire resistant cables and what testing is actually involved.

MICC was developed in 1896 and considered the only fire resistant cable for over 100 years. The unique construction of MICC means the conductors are initially protected by high density magnesium oxide which has a melting point of over 2000C. The block fed, compacted magnesium oxide is then protected by a copper sheath which has a melting point of over 1080C. This unique armoured construction means mineral cable was the natural choice to supply critical circuits such as fire alarms, smoke detection & extraction systems, sprinkler systems, backup generators, Emergency shut off systems and emergency lighting in the event of a fire. MICC survives temperatures in excess of 1000C°. MICC has stood the test of time and many installations carried out in the 1950’s and beyond are still powered by the same cables today, lasting in excess of 70 years.

Unlike any other type of fire resistant cable it required no polymers, tapes or armouring. MICC will continue to operate for hours directly in the heart of a fire, whilst safely carrying a load in temperatures in excess of 1080°C. Many years of historical evidence on the fire performance capabilities of MICC deems it the only true fire survival cable.


Further protection in hazardous environments

The advantages of using MICC in hazardous areas from ATEX / IEC Ex approved manufacturers are countless. These installations can be a third of the cost of other Ex cable systems that have no way of avoiding the spread of flames, gases, or substances in these locations without the use of conduits and or resins. These additional compounds or components not only increase the element of risk, but they also come at a cost in time, labour and in many cases only offer a warranty the tenth of a MICC hazardous area approved cable system

Our complete cable system includes our Exd rated brass cable glands and feature our unique compression ring making installation quick and simple.

MICC v’s SWA Cable

Comparison of WMC Ex approved cable vs other Ex cable systems.

Steel Wired Armour cable (SWA) requires multiple layers of insulation and protective sheathing combined with braided steel in order to provide protection for the conductive cores. In hazardous areas SWA or any other type of fire resistant cable usually require additional products to achieve a flame quench path. Ex conduit, curing resins and expensive fittings are often specified in order to meet Ex requirements. Some of these barrier gland installations can take up to 8 hours and prove extremely costly.

WMC Exd Rated Glands

Our Exd rated glands can reduce installation times by hours and also greatly reduce the risk of human error.  There is no requirement for resin sealants and therefore no drying time. Our glands simply use our unique compression rings and putty sealant.

A complete Exd rated cable system with a gas tight, water tight, dust proof seal and a 30 year warranty.

In compliance with EN 60079-0 : 2012 / A11:2013, EN 60079-1:2014 and EN 60079-31:2014

WMC Exd cable gland system is ATEX & IECEx approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres - II 2G 1D, Ex db IIC Gb and Ex Ta IIIC Da

WMC Quality
The quality and reliability of Wrexham Mineral Cables is recognised worldwide and throughout the electrical industry. Our cables are manufactured to meet British and European standards, achieving endorsements & certifications from many regulatory bodies including BRE - LPCB, the world renowned approvals body for fire performance products. Our LPCB product approval register has been maintained for over 25 years, one of the longest in Europe for any fire performance cable manufacturer. Our Quality system is also approved to ISO9001 through LPCB and our entire facility is run in accordance of ISO9001 Quality system standards.

WMC Approvals
BS5839-1:2017 Enhanced to Clause 26.2 BS EN 50200:2015
BS 8434-2:2003 + A2:2009 BS 8591 & BS 8491 CAT C BS6387:2013 C,W & Z BS 60331
The termination glands are ATEX EExd & IECEx approved to EN 60079 for use in potentially explosive atmospheres under the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

WMC Warranty

For over 30 years we have manufactured in the UK, more than 170 million meters of MICC with ZERO failures in the field.  With this impeccable record you can have complete confidence in our 30 year warranty cable system.